Jill Eskin Major HaLevi

Jill Eskin Major HaLevi


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Jill Eskin Major HaLevi received her law degree from the University of Michigan, and she has been a member of the South Carolina Bar since 1995. She has extensive courtroom experience from her 10 years of litigation on behalf of clients in criminal court prior to entering private practice, having served as an attorney at the Charleston County Public Defender and then at the Federal Defenders of Charleston.  During this time, she handled cases ranging from property and drug offenses to murder. She also attended multiple national training institutes to hone her courtroom skills. Jill was instrumental in the development of the Charleston County Drug and Mental Health Courts, and she represented half of all the clients in Drug Court for several years.  She has also represented individual clients in the Federal Bridge (drug court) program both as public defender and in private practice.

In addition to her criminal court background, Jill spent two years working on legal issues relating to Israel, first at an organization dedicated to advocating and mediating on behalf of workers in employment disputes, and then as an attorney representing victims of terrorist attacks. She is a certified Guardian ad Litem and has been trained in Collaborative Law and in victim-offender mediation. Jill has been certified by the South Carolina Bar as both a civil court and family court mediator.  Since entering private practice in 2009, Jill continues to handle select federal court criminal matters, but has spent most of her time in Family Court, where she represents clients, serves as a mediator, and accepts select Guardian ad Litem appointments.

With this diverse background, Jill brings a unique perspective and array of skills to her practice. She has a wide network of professionals with whom she collaborates in complex cases. Jill is excited to be part of the CCFLA as a means of expanding options available to clients seeking non-litigious resolution of Family Court matters.


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